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Grandmother of the herbal kingdom Rosemary, this hardy herb is an archetype of strength and bears limitless properties that enhance our health and wellness on multiple levels. Rosemary feeds and nourishes the nervous system, a fast aid to calm and settle this function of the body, reducing stress and cortisol. Known to promote cognitive health, increases focus, concentration and settles you for a restful nights sleep.


This delicious + herbaceous tasting glycerite is a perfect pocket sized plant ally to keep your mind and body feeling balanced, a natural preventative to protect you from times of stress and reduces worry. 


Use: Apply 15-20 drops under the tongue or in some water, three times a day. 


Our Rosemary Glycerite can also be added to sparkling water to add flavour and it's powerful properties, half a dropper is recommended. 


Ingredients: Organic food grade Glycerine + Salvia rosmarinus (Rosemary).


Biodynamic, Handmade and Vegan.


50ml + fully recyclable.

Rosemary Drops

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