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Harriet Coleman is a Medicinal Herbalist and the Founder of West Apothecary.

As a young child Harriet became fascinated with the great outdoors spending many hours using her senses to interact with the natural environment. While gathering and foraging from the abundant hedgerows of our English countryside, you could say Harriet was your typical wild child and being in nature is where she felt most at home. 

Unexpectedly, in her mid teens she was scouted by a leading modelling agency and in a short time had become an international model - residing in London, New York and Asia. Over a period of twelve years Harriet has worked for prestigious clients such as Macy's, Italian Vogue, Max Mara and Selfridges to name a few, with appearances on TV + Film. Harriet concluded her modelling career after over a decade when she became the face of The Body Shop which rekindled her love for all things natural. 

On reflection, Harriet realised that the modelling world had taken it's toll and she embarked on reconnecting with nature to restore her well being. 

In 2017 Harriet enrolled with one of the countries leading Herbalist's, Anne McIntyre where she completed her immersive Herbal Medicine training. Soon realising that Herbalism was her 'true calling' this inspired Harriet to create her own natural product line, with an emphasis on products that connect people back to the heart of nature.

Harriet's deep understanding of the plant world has enabled her to choose botanical combinations for their effective results and for the best sensory experience. 

With carefully crafted preparations Harriet has created an ethical brand that's fundamental to our Herbal Heritage. From the ancient art of Herbalism to the contemporary interest in conscious living, Harriet's products provide us with a direct link to a more natural world.




              West Apothecary is not just a brand, It's a way of life. 

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