Herbal Consultation

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‘After following Harriet online for a whole, and taking one of her online workshops I decided to book in for a consultation for support with general health, wellbeing and fertility. The consultation was thorough, but very personal and Harriet’s energy is very grounding which enabled me to feel safe and calm in her presence. She gave recommendations for herbs, diet changes and lifestyle all of which resonated well with my personal holistic approach to health. Harriet is super knowledgable, and was able to talk about spiritual aspects of herbalism and embodying herbs which is something that I love! I would definitely recommend her services to anyone open to supporting their health naturally, you will be pleased you welcomed her into your life.’ - Eden B. 

'Harriet is extremely kind and knowledgeable, and made me feel really happy and at ease throughout the whole process. The advice and information given to me has made me feel so positive and reassured about my next steps and how to take them. I would 100% recommend her expertise!' - Kat E.


'From the get go Harriet is fab! Wanting to turn away from traditional medicine I approached Harriet and can honestly say I will never look back. From her incredible knowledge of herbalism to creating a personalised journey for myself, i would say to anyone thinking of sprinkling a little nature in their lives- Go for it!' - Georgia H.

I couldn’t recommend Harriet’s consultation more highly. I felt thoroughly looked after and understood by her and dealing with the problems that I was having feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders. We delved deep into my health and I feel like I learn so much from Harriet about myself and health in general. What a wonderful woman and a wonderful opportunity to look at healing a bit different. - Xanthe G.