A harmonious blend of herbs that support women’s health throughout all stages of womanhood. Our Women's Harmony Herbal Tea is a family of deeply divine herbs that harness the health of women, supports, regulates and rebalances hormone production, supporting the monthly cycle, reducing PMS, cramps, restless nights and can soothe inflammatory conditions such as Endometrioses. 


Each herb has an archetypal connection to folklore and female figures that symbolise, strength, balance and birth for maiden, mother and crone. Mugwort is symbolic to the Goddess Artemis, ruler of the moon, birth and the monthly cycle, Rose is represented by the Goddess Venus, care giver, nurturer and bearer of love and beauty, Red Clover is linked to the lucky shamrock, with it’s three leaves representing the three suns that are linked to the 3 stages of womanhood and finally Lady's Mantle, it’s form similar to the womb or chalice is an icon of gentle strength and support just like the structure of its soft but firm leaves.


Our Founder and Herbalist Harriet Coleman created this tea to enjoy and become harmonious during your monthly cycle, Harriet advices to make this tea throughout your bleed for support and comfort and can be drank thoughout the month for continued relancing and regulating hormone function. 


We also have our Women's Harmony Tincture available too which you can combine with this tea.


Ingredients: Rosa (Organic Roses), Artemisia vulgaris (Organic Mugwort), Alchemilla (Organic Lady's Mantle) and Trifolium pratense (Organic Red Clover). 


Directions: Add 1 tablespoon of tea into reusable tea bag, steep for 4-8 mins + enjoy.


Packaging is fully biodegradable and can be added to your compost.


Biodynamic, Handmade and Vegan.



Women's Harmony Herbal Tea