Our Whole Hearted Herbal Tea is a gentle go-to especially for those times when you need to focus on yourself and in moments of tenderness and disharmony. This infusion provides a sweet and floral experience, that uplifts your spirits, promotes positivity and feeds the heart with infinite love from nature. This tea is a great companion for those moments for essential selfcare and to remind us all of the love we have for ourselves!


This tea was created by our Founder and Medical Herbalist - Harriet Coleman, from a time when she needed some deep nourishment and guidance to be reunited with the heart... this is her favourite ever tea!


This tea features:


Rose - calming, supports heart health and an aphrodisiac,

Hawthorn Leaves + Berries - promotes circulation and purifies the blood, Rose Hips - antioxidant, increases energy and supports female health,

Elderberries - reduces inflammation and soothes the nervous system,

Liquorice Root - brain tonic, nourishes the adrenal glands and increases vitality. 


Ingredients: Rosa (Organic Roses), Crataegus oxyacantha (Hawthorn Leaves and Berries), Rosa canina L (Rose Hips), Sambucus nigra (Elderberries) and Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice Root). 


*Please do not consume this herbal tea if you are on heart medication or blood thinners. 


Directions: Add 1 tablespoon of tea into reusable tea bag, steep for 6-8 mins + enjoy.


Proudly biodynamic and hand gathered.





Whole Hearted Herbal Tea