A West Apothecary Trio that provides an immersive self care ritual through this gift set. A thoughtful Christmas present for a loved one who appreciates all things nature inspired! 


Our gift set includes our Fire + Forest Candle, Foragers Path Grounding Bath Soak + Down to Earth Natural Soap. This gift set is guaranteed to ground, connect and nourish you with the elements of our natural world.


Products featured in our West Ritual Gift Set:


The Fire + Forest candle provides you with a sensory experience and immerses you through a journey in nature. Inspired by the great outdoors our unique hand blended plant based candle is enriched with the highest quality + sustainable ingredients. With added elements of the natural world + notes of tree resins such as; Birch Tar, Cedarwood, Fir Needle + Juniper Berry creating an idelic atmosphere. 


Foragers Path Ground Bath Soak is a combination of foraged botanicals that enables you to embody nature through the infusion of this special blend. Wild Birch Leaves and Juniper Berries feed your skin with nourishing + detoxifying properties, along with Natural Sea + Epsom Salt which supplementsoothe + calm you with the minerals of the earth. Bound together with Pine Needle Oil, our Foragers Path Bath Soak takes you on a route of relaxation. 


Our Down to Earth Natural Soap is designed to use for your face, hands + body. It's deep earthy aroma and grounding scent has the natural ingredients to nourish and purify your skin through the wholesome plant oils hand blended to make this gentle daily essential. The ash like tone of Activated Charcoal helps to wash away any impurities and leaves the skin feeling fresh, along with Oak Moss a friend of the Forest full of soothing benefits + calming Rosemary that repairs the skin and improves circulation with added Sea Buckthorn oil, a berry so rich + full of omegas, this is a bar full of food for the skin! 


All products are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free. All packaging is reusable + recyclable. 






West Ritual Gift Set