Our Spring Awaken Medicine Box features:


Nettle Powder - Food Supplement (includes a recipe card):


Our highly potent and super nourishing nettle powder is a herbal supplement that can be added to an array of your favourite homemade food and drinks. Simply adding this to your morning smoothie, tea, soups, dressings or even sprinkled and tossed in food adds earthy notes, flavour and benefits to your everyday eating and drinking ritual!


Nettle is known as the power house in the herbal kingdom, heritage to the lands of the UK, it's as beneficial as matcha, we are blessed with Nettle dominating the hedgerows during the spring season, it's strong essence within the lands mirrors that strength within us. Enriched with iron, vitamins A, C, K and B, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, loaded with fiber and chlorophyll, Nettle is a pungent antioxidant which works as an effective diuretic, cleanses and detoxifies the kindeys and liver which expells toxins, stagnation and water rentension. Nettle nourishes the adrenal glands and supports fatigue, women's hormone health due to it's balancing and restoring properties, men's health - increases energy levels and fertility, reduces inflammatory conditions - arthritus, colitis to acne and eczema and can be used as a natural supplement to reduce blood sugar levels. 


King of the hedgerows, Nettle is a super food that feeds us with it's potency, power and many properties! 


Ingredients: Urtica diocia (Nettle). 


Directions: Add 1 tsp to a cup of hot milk, smoothie, tea, salad dressing and a bowl of soup for nourishing benefits. 




Spring Equinox Herbal Tea:


Our Spring Equinox Herbal Tea has been hand foraged + gathered from the ancient lands of Cornwall. Spring is the season of rebirth and new beginnings, where the body wakes from the slumber of winter. A combimination of bitter and refreshing herbs that stimulate the liver and awaken your kidneys. This blend is enriched with detoxifying and cleansing benefits that nourish the body, feeding you with vitality and encourage energy from the powerful forces that burst through the hedgerows during the potent time of spring. 


Herbs featured in our Spring Equinox Herbal Tea are:


Nettle - stimulating, detoxifying + increases energy,

Plantago - soothing, strengthening + a powerful digestive,

Cleavers - cleansing, cooling + natures lymphatic medicine,

Dandelion - antioxidant, boosts energy levels + rejuvenates cells. 


Ingredients: Galium aparine (Cleavers), Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion leaf), Urtica dioica (Nettle leaf) and Plantago minor (Common Plantain). 


Directions: Add 1 tablespoon of tea into reusable tea bag, steep for 4-8 mins + enjoy.




Spring Awaken Tincture - Exclusive to Box:


Our Spring Awaken Tincture is a powerful combination and infusion of potent herbs all from the refreshing time of spring and our heritage hedgerows. Featuring herbs that rejuvenate and awaken the many functions of the body, this refreshing tincture promotes a gentle cleanse within the liver and kidneys from it's diuretic properties, with the ability to flush and stimulate the lymphatic system, reducing stagnation and accumulation, replenishes the adrenal glands, strengthens bladder function and enhances digestive health! Our Spring Awaken Tincture provides deeply nourishing, cleansing and restorative benefits which can be integrated and added to your daily routine and lifestyle, Spring herbs in particular soothe and nourish areas within our body that call for extra care and nourishment. 


Ingredients: Urtica diocia (Nettle), Galium aparine (Cleavers), Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion), Plantago lanceolata (Plantago), Betula pendula (Birch) and Alcohol (gluten and wheat free vodka)


Directions: Add 15-20 drops in water, 2-3 times a day.




Our Spring Awaken Detox Box, is a collection of potent spring remedies within 3 methods that gently enhance and encourage your health and wellbeing, that rejuvenates and invigorates the body with the many gently cleansing and detoxifying properties. This box has been curated and approved by our medical herbalist and founder, all to synergise you with the freshness of the spring season and to awaken you and your body.  




Spring Awaken Detox Box