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Wise old Sage has been gracing the lands of Europe before the time of humans. Like many heritage herbs, its essence is a true survivor of all terrains and weathers, a robust and hardy herb that strengthens the body within multiple elements. Sage is a trusty tonic that tends to the mind, increasing memory, enhances focus and concentration, with its cognitive and brain function promoting benefits. Sage is a nurturing treatment for the nervous system, reducing fatigue and nervous depletion. One of natures strongest antibacterial remedies, Sage treats and prevents acute to chronic infections. Sage is used often within the practice of herbalism to regulate women’s menstural cycles, and famously known to support the transition of the menopause, this ancient herb reduces the classic ‘hot flushes’ and nights sweats, stabilising hormone function and production, it being an adaptogen. Taking Sage in all stages of womanhood is highly beneficial and guarantees balance within these cycles. Sage is a highly supportive herb, treating the mind, hormones, digestion, and even liver and gallbladder health. 


The word Sage is derived from its botanical name ‘Salvia’, which means safety, security and health. The common name Sage, originates from the term ‘seer’, and the meaning of wide experiences, great learnings and wisdom.  


Sage has the ability to encourage trust within our own inner knowing, leading to layers of personal wisdom and power. Like a crone and oracle, Sage is a grandmother of the herb gardens, which nourishes us with safety, take sage for inner security. 


Use: Apply 15-20 drops under the tongue or in some water, three times a day.


Sage Drops can also be added to sparkling water to add flavour and its powerful properties, half a dropper is recommended. Or, add half a dropper into a cup of hot water, before you sleep.


Ingredients: Salvia officinalis (Sage), *Organic food grade glycerine and spring water.


Biodynamic, Handmade and Vegan.


50ml + fully recyclable.

Sage Drops

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