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Our Lavender Glycerite soothes you with its calming properties, nourishes the nervous system and is a remedy for the mind. Lavender has the ability to relax the body and induce a restful nights sleep. This wise old herb has mind opening abilties, invites new visions and is an aid for tension headache and migraines. 


Use: Apply 15-20 drops under the tongue or in some water, three times a day. 


Our Lavender Glycerite can also be added to sparkling water to add flavour and it's powerful properties, half a dropper is recommended.


Ingredients: Organic Food Grade Glycerine and Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender). 


*If you are epileptic you must not consume Lavender.


Biodynamic, Handmade and Vegan.


50ml + fully recyclable.


Lavender Drops

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