Our Fire + Forest candle provides you with a sensory experience and immerses you through a journey in nature. Inspired by the great outdoors our unique hand blended plant based candle is enriched with the highest quality + sustainable ingredients. With added elements of the natural world + notes of tree resins such as; Birch Tar, Cedarwood, Fir Needle + Juniper Berry creates an idelic atmosphere. 


There are no unnecessary chemicals, toxins, or paraffins. This candle ignites with true authenticity and has positive benefits for your wellbeing


Our enchanting candle is 120ml and has a burn duration of approx 20 hours. It’s made from 100% soy wax and pure essential oils + hand poured into an amber glass jar. It's best to light the pine based wooden wick with a match that crackles like an outdoor fire.


Vegan + Cruelty Free.


All packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable – perfect use for a small plant or tea light.



Fire + Forest Candle