Smudging, natural incence + burning herbs has been an ancient ritual that our ancestors practiced within many cultures and origins. Smudging herbs is an universal practice that restores our environment, cleaning your space with the herb's natural cleansing properties which centre you back to a place of harmony. 


Biodynamic, homegrown, hand harvested and handmade, every herb has been lovingly grown and foraged from our local surroundings. Proudly ethical, sustainably sourced and native to our land, our herb incense bundle is an effective tool to start your day with some intensions, use during self care, ceremony or for some end of the day cleansing. 


The herbs:


Pine - Purification, safety + protection,

Cedar - Harmonises, heightens inner confidence + self accpetance, 

Rosemary - Strength, focus + knowledge, 

Bay - Divine wisdom, cleansing + abundance. 


Held together with plant died linen string.


Size: 9 inches and vary in colour and design. 


Directions: Ignite over a flame until hot, blow to create smoke and waft away. Always place your herb incense bundle in a bowl or plate, during and after use. 


Biodynamic, Homegrown + Handmade. 

Autumn / Winter Herb Incense Bundle