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Winter Woodland Warmer Tea Recipe

This blend enriches the body with deeply nourishing benefits, warming spices to keep our internal fire 'Agni' (Ayurveda) burning, loaded with antioxidants + vitamins to feed and boost our immune system, with grounding elements too, to stabilise us during these cold times! ⁣

You will need:

8-10 dried Juniper Berries,

1 small bunch of White Pine (Scots Pine) Needles (fresh or dried),

1 Cinnamon Stick,

2 slices of Birch Polypore Mushroom - A mushroom expert + reliable source Bethany Millgate from New Earth Medicines,

600ml of water. ⁣


Prepare a saucepan ready to use on a stove, roughly chop your Pine Needles with scissors, place your Juniper Berries, Cinnamon Stick and your slices of Birch Polypore Mushroom into your pan. Add 600ml of water and bring to a gentle simmer, cover with a lid for 20 mins. After simmering, prepare your favourite mug, strain and pour yourself a cup of this delicious Winter Woodland Warmer Tea! For a little sweetness you can always add a dash of local honey for added immune supporting benefits, enjoy the earthy aromas of these highly nutritious winter herbs! ⁣

A family of winter medicine that leaves you feeling grounded, held and enriched by the treasures of the forest!⁣

- Blessings, Harriet - Medicinal Herbalist and Founder of West Apothecary.

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