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West Apothecary

West Apothecary provides you with a direct link to nature. Herbal infused products and remedies that are proudly biodynamic, handmade, grown and gathered, all with a limitless source of powerful properties with our + natures best intentions.

Every product, remedy and medicine has been curated and approved by our Founder and Medicinal Herbalist Harriet Coleman. 

Our philosophy is to bring people and plants together for the betterment towards your health and wellbeing.

West Apothecary is more than a brand, It's a way of life. 

Discover our plant remedies, from herbal tea's, tinctures to ointments...











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The West Apothecary Service

Herbal and Wellness Consultation

Our Founder, Herbalist and Health Guide - Harriet Coleman's practices from both westers and eastern ancient medicine methodologies that are a potent harmony that deepen the understanding of the client as an individual. In contrast to the modern way of medicine, Harriet’s field of work is person centred, thorough and focused on not only physical symptoms, but receiving a clear insight to the root of the cause with consideration of the many elements of your unique constitution and design, physical, emotional and the energetic. 

Harriet’s herbal consultations deliver informative awareness, guidance and encouragement to realign and centre your health and wellbeing. From Harriet’s extensive knowledge and expertise, her practice supports your intentions and specific needs to an all encompassing embodiment of the natural way of medicine and a conscious connection to the origin of your health. 

Visit here for more information about our herbal consultations and please get in touch to arrange a booking.


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Our clients experience...


Georgia H

'From the get go Harriet is fab! Wanting to turn away from traditional medicine I approached Harriet and can honestly say I will never look back. From her incredible knowledge of herbalism to creating a personalised journey for myself, I would say to anyone thinking of sprinkling a little nature in their lives- Go for it!' 


Kirsty S

'I found Harriet to be very knowledgeable and informative during my consultation. She was very easy to take to, went into great depth and gave me a lot of advice regarding the herbs that would help me. It has now been roughly 4 weeks since my consultation and I feel so much better physically and on an energetic level. So much so, that I have purchased and begun a course on starting your own business - something that I've always wanted to do but didn't feel that I had the energy to even contemplate only three or four weeks ago! So thank you, Harriet!!' 


Suzie B

'There's nothing Harriet doesn't know about the herbal world. You really feel in safe hands with her. She goes the extra mile in offering an indepth look at your health to find the best solutions for you. I find her really inspiring to work with and she's definitely my go-to person when it comes to finding natural health options'

Follow our plant medicine journey...

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